The initiative “World Records Community” is inspired by the real-life instances of an unsung hero “Terry Fox “a Canadian athlete and cancer research activist. After the amputation of 1 leg following cancer, Terry ran across Canada and traveled a distance of 5,373 km to spread awareness for cancer. Alike Terry, the stories of some proficient are trapped around the drudgery of the world, The world where talents are disguised because of the scarcity of resources, money, and political and emotional support thus the concept of World Records Community is being discovered to promote the unsung heroes at their respective field of work who are not given a chance to stand. World Records Community will cull out masterful people and straighten out their profiles in front of the World.

Get to know us

World Records Community is a world record-based civilization that publishes a book annually. The book involves the content of record holders with unique abilities. We reckon in conveying international recognition to astounding humans who bear the prowess to hold a record. We encourage and appreciate the rare talents and works all around the World. It is a non-profitable organization established in 2010 and officially registered by the national government. The book and web listings of skillful people are being enlisted and honored in 2 aspects.
1. Bringing a world-class designation by felicitating with an officially registered record to individuals or groups for their admirable astonishing efforts.
2. We assemble the rare kinds of humans (Record Holders) in a community where they can showcase their invincible aptitude.

How we make a difference

World Records Community is the first-ever community and gathering of record holders and superhumans. World Records Community organizes an annual talent festival for record holders so that they can showcase their aptitude.
If the record is on the verge of being broken or already beaten then the entire data about the record holder is going to be removed from the web page of the organization in which he is registered but we believe the previous record holder was also a one-time legend and it should be appreciable so we will keep all their details and story safe here.
There are several organizations currently working on a global platform, but not many of them are genuine. It is an authentic one that slogs for the benefit of the record holders who put extreme efforts to exhibit their skills, and dexterity with ingenuity and achieve high-end results in form of world records. Only reliable persons registered from an authentic organization can become members of the World Records Community. The person whose record will be adjudicated by World Records Community will directly get the membership.

World Records Community has never hiked a strategy on the financial benefit of the organization or received any payment from either record holders or even from external sources. Our committee never deals with any controversial record attempts. It works only in favor of record holders and their welfare.


Now, the record holders around the globe have a platform which praises them for their astonishing skills and deeds. The lead motto of World Records Community is to provide a platform to the record holders for their extra-ordinary talents and skills.

Selection of Icons and Idols

For one and only individual who deserves to become the icon for his perpetual endeavour but he is conflicted in the midst of miseries and get shattered by broken dreams by being aloof from the glorious term ‘World Record’, We pursued such latent icons and profound them by gratifying their dreams.

Authorising Genuine Records

For the personage who becomes crazy, pursue their patience and field of work and who dares to confront extremity. They can take an attempt to beat/create a record. We ensure them that we shall assist with our best in innovating their prospects.

Promote record holders

There are thousands of records created every year and not many are recognised. It is important to promote the record holders so that the talent they possess is showcased to the world and gets the required appreciation.

Shelter the name of previous record holder

World Records Community believes in sheltering the story of previous record holders because they were the best of their time and they are still a notable person. We believe saga of their accomplishment should be interpreted by every upcoming generation. This is the reason World Records Community kept all the information about previous records too.

Accumulate Phenomenal Humans in 1 Community

A desirable platform is created for all the record holders where they can gather in one enormous community of miracles and interact with the humans of their kind.

Felicitate with awards

Every record holder deserves an accolade and accreditation. Every member and record holder of the community will be applauded and appreciated by the World Records Community.

Work in welfare of record holders

When the record holders don’t get quintessential fame, then the talent ought to be refurbished with new records. Invokes the record holders to accomplish their cheerful reverie and enlighten their imminent.

Provide stage to record holders for performing live

The talent or admirable deeds must be showcased in front of a larger audience. Record holders get an opportunity to own a stage to reveal the world that they are the living stars.

Aggregating the record holders

By gathering the extra ordinaries and super humans on one stage for building a remarkable and sensational event is what the World Records Community Aims.

Inspire them to beat more records

Breaking the records is a colossal challenge. Providing a platform which can inspire the record holders to create or beat more records or break their own old records.

Glorify previous record holders

We believe the previous world record holders have competence and adroitness beyond belief. The record holder deserves the identical honour alike the current record holder.

Spread Message for Testament of Nations

Every record holder becomes pride of their nation. The community inspires the record holders to create more records for sack of their nation.

Commend media and press to publish news

Creating a record doesn’t bring you too much publicity, News must be published so that people comes to know about the record attempt. Publishing news in newspapers with the help of media agencies, the news can be spread to billions of readers and viewers across the globe. World Records Community is associated with huge network of mass media where we can spread the message of record holder in entire world.

Members are held in our high esteems to become icon

Having extra-ordinary talent can make person a leading star. At World Records Community, we ensure our record holders to bring them fame and illuminate them like an icon.

Hiring the Record Holders for Dignity

Directors and recruiters from tremendous of international agencies, companies and productions are visiting the World Records Community as they are looking for person who is best in the world in their field.

Inspiring Artists

World Records Community organizes event in metropolis areas where every kind of talent got an opportunity to perform and boost grace of themselves and their talent in perspectives of public. World Records Community culled out best artists and felicitates them with big honour.