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What is The World Records Community?

We are the talent influential program around the globe for exploring the real world of skills and strength. We are doing the task of disclosing the unrecognized skillful people whose aptitudes are surprisingly unparalleled and beyond comparison. The assembling of the rarest kind of people who plucked up courage to break a world record are comprised in World Records Community, A community for super humans. Our strategy is to establish ourselves as the climax of life for talented people who are curious about portraying the limits of human tendency.

The Community attracts passionate people who love to determine and support the world’s best record authorization program – one that is unparalleled in its aspirations, scope, and independence. All of us at the federation bring the quality to adjudicate the record attempt and make the content stunning and reliable because integrity for our work is most prior to us. It explains why our books are worth paying for.

An effort to set off the fastest, slowest, largest, smallest or farthest in the observable universe is what makes The World Records Community.






Largest & Smallest

Mass Attempt

Medical science


Science & Technology


The Human Story

Youngest & Oldest


In spite of conveying membership to record holders and adjudicating record events, World Records Community is taking a stand by granting a mass platform to encourage all sorts of artists who own an excellent aptitude in their field.

Now, our team oversees the events around India to showcase the talents which are kept disguised in their homes and streets. This sort of Identity can catch an opportunity through Talent Platform. The Talent Platform aims to cull out person who trounced with best skills and he/she will be strived by World Records Community to beat the records.

Aggregate the artists:

Talent Platform intends gathering of obscure and unsung artists where they meet artisan and humans of their kind.

Felicitate with certificate of participation:

All the artists will receive the certificate of participation.

Escalating the skills:

Talent Platform aspires the artists to enhance their skills and beat the records.

Commending the best:

Most reliable and proficient artists in the competition will be officially certified by world records community for his best work.

Appreciating the art:

Doesn’t matter whether the artist is beginner or professional, they will be cheered to reach exalted rank.

Live record breaking challenges:

We look forward to participants who flourish their skills to break a record live which is the lead motto of Talent Platform.