What is a world record?

A world record is the designation of best global performance accomplished by an individual or a group.

What is a national record?

A national record is the designation of best performance achieved at national level.

I am unable to beat the current world record, what am I supposed to do?

World Records Community assigns one and only being who performs best. We can’t nominate first and second runner up alike photo walk session. We are unable to comply with your request but if you are troublesome in beating a current world record then you can apply for continental or national Record.

What will you give us after becoming a record holder?

At first, the record holder receives approval letter. On the same or next day we officially publish their story of endeavour on our web pages and later on official certificate along with record holder badge will be sent to their home.

Will you give money after beating a record?

World Records Community doesn’t provide wealth support to record holders. We shall provide you enormous fame and name after officially registering into World Records Community.

I didn’t receive any response after submitting online form for record application or membership?

Our attendants are dealing with tons of record applications. Ideally our team will respond you within 48 hours. If still you don’t have received our response we are sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly resubmit your form or share your details at support@worldrecords.community

Is a group eligible to become member of World Records Community?

Yes, if the group has achieved the record on global, national or continental platform in a particular field, then the group is eligible to become a member of World Records Community.

Which organizations World Records Community enlists?

Special preferences are given to record holders of the organization that verifies genuine records. Record holders ought to submit only if their work is genuine and undergone certifications from preferential genuine organization.

Can an individual from a group apply for the membership of the community?

Yes, if the individual within the group has some extra-ordinary talent, skill or even if the individual is an active member of some social activity, we would like to invite him to join the community.

Is it possible for me to apply for membership if my record is beaten by someone else?

Yes, still you can apply to become our official member. No matter your record was beaten, you were the one time legend in the past and that is still appreciable. Just go for it.

Is it possible for me to apply for membership on behalf of someone else?

Yes, with the consent of the record holder or his family and with complete knowledge about the guidelines set by our team, one can apply for the membership of World Records Community.

Do all the record holders receive awards from the community?

Yes, all the eligible record holders will be felicitated with the unique award in the annual international fest of World Records Community.

Do all the record holders get an opportunity to perform live at the events conducted by the World Records Community?

Yes, opportunity is given to all the record holders, but the performance is presented only if they are willing to perform in front of the large audience. We don’t compel our members to participate in any of the event organized by the World Records Community.

Why World Records Community

World Records Community is one and only community of super humans and proficient icons in entire world. Purpose of World Records Community is to promote record holders from every aspect and shelter the name of record holders from generation to generation so that the real life conquerors are always remembered.

How can we provide sponsors to World Records Community?

It is possible to offer sponsorships to the World Records Community. This can help promoting your brand on larger platform. For more information, please contact us on support@worldrecords.community