If you are Best at Something, if you believe you are the one who has achieved a notable achievement and can consistently progress ahead to new records, then yes, this platform is for you. The records can be distinguished into three categories –

  1. World Record or Global Record
  2. Continental Record or Asian Record
  3. National Record or Indian Record

All the members are categorised under mentioned types of records. The aspiring member of the World Records Community should have a record officially registered under their name and should be able to perform under the norms of the registered genuine record organization.

An online form should be submitted along with details such as link of the record along with the photographs and soft copy of the certificate of the registered community or organization under which the record has been registered. Once the application and the required documents are submitted to World Records Community, we shall revert you within 48 hours and will notify you if you are eligible to be the part of World Records Community. If you are eligible, the story of the record will be published within the duration of 1 week.

Application Form

Note: None of our members or adjudicators involve in taking bribe to verify aborted or declined record attempts. Names and details of our members are registered in our web site. Stay away from scammer who tries to rip you off by offering you a record designation by exchange of Money