If you own fascinating and incredible aptitude in your field of concern, probably you can be the worlds best at something. It sounds resilient, crucial and gives you Goosebumps when it comes to beat or create a record. It is crucial task and acquires a lot of Efforts to make it out as the record holder. Most of the people gave up before record attempt by considering complications. Some of them dare to do so and consequently least of them can lodge their name in World Records Community. When a person beats a Record he lifts off his name along with his country to the pinnacle and concludes the innovation in vision and perception of public about him/her. World Records Community inspire them to evade out from rush meanwhile we aim to illuminate them away.

If you find hard to beat a world record, you can compete from people of your continent by lodging your name in continental record. If creating a continental record needs endeavour out of your amplitude or not under the aptitude and circumstances, one can’t bring it to continental records then Term “National Record” can be assembled to them. Thus Records are categorised into

  1. World Record or Global Record
  2. Continental Record or Asian Record
  3. National Record or Indian Record

World Records Community never deals with state or provincial records. If you think you can compete world, your continent or you are best one in your country so you can help us out in exploring the world of intelligence and skills better by your phenomenal participation. We solemnly want you to join our family “World Records Community” among the super humans around the globe.

Before making the attempt you can submit your details in concerns of your record attempt by submitting an online application form along with some documentations of identity. We shall revert you as soon as possible within the time limit of 48 Hours and will notify you either your record attempt can meet the criteria of World Records Community Credentials or not. After the approval you can take the attempt under adjudication or surveillance of our team.

Apply For Record Attempt

Note: None of our members or adjudicators involve in taking bribe to verify aborted or declined record attempts. Names and details of our members are registered in our web site. Stay away from scammer who tries to rip you off by offering you a record designation by exchange of money