Walk marathon at most number of venues

By 02/10/2023 October 26th, 2023 Mass Attempt


• Adore Trust
• India
• 11 countries
• 5 km track
• 4347 Participants

In a monumental event organized by the Association for Diabetes and Obesity Reversal (ADORE) in India, a global community came together on September 10, 2023, to participate in a Walk Marathon that spanned 228 venues worldwide. A staggering 4,347 individuals, from countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Ghana, Maldives, India, and the UAE, walked 5 kilometers each in a collective effort to promote health and combat diabetes and obesity. The event lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, setting a record while uniting the world in a stride towards a healthier future.

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