Most games of chess played simultaneously in one location

By 09/06/2023 The Human Story


The most games of chess played simultaneously was 20,480 and was achieved by the Sports Authority of Gujarat (India), at the University of Gujarat Sports Grounds, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in India, on 24 December 2010. The Sports Authority of Gujarat (India) managed to hold chess competitions within all the schools in Gujarat. The winners of these games then went onto the primary rounds where they were then coached by the World Chess Champion, Mr Viswanathan Anand. These finalists were then put forward to take part in the Guinness World Records achievement on 24 December 2010, with Viswanathan Anand leading the games on the day. There were 1,024 masters competing against 20,017 participants. Each table was colour coded in either black or white to symbolise the exact squares of a chess board, with each table consisting of 20 players.


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